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We strive to develop powerful tools that will enable artists, publishers, and labels to better track their rights at a global level, identify potential issues and maximize the value of their catalogs.

TrackNClaim snapshot

Advanced YouTube Search

Search for videos or assets using several identifiers like YouTube ID, ISRC, ISWC. This ensure you always have the complete picture when it comes to your assets

Snapshot Creation

Create a snapshot of a given music asset or a YouTube video in real-time. Get a clear view of your claims status, per country and per type of rights (recording and publishing)

Worldwide Overview

Navigate an interactive map to instantly access and visualize regional insights on your video or asset on YouTube

Detailed Analytics

Our platform offers a comprehensive set of information on different types of assets such as Sound Recordings, Composition Shares, Music Videos and Art Tracks

Bulk Snapshots Creation

Streamline operations by simultaneously generating numerous snapshots for multiple videos or assets

Export your results

Conveniently download detailed insights, ensuring portability and ease of sharing a professional PDF format


Artists, publishers, labels & distributors, we have a plan for you


See a demo with two manual snaphots and get a taste of the powerful features Track'n'Claim offers.
2 manual snapshots / month
Visualize what is over/under-claimed
Worldwide overview
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Up to 20 snapshots per month
Ideal for artists, managers, indie labels and small publishers
Billed monthly.
20 manual snapshots / month
Visualize what is over/under-claimed
Worldwide overview
Buy more snapshots packages
Create snapshots batch
Refresh all snapshots


Up to 100 snapshots per month. Bulk audit of your repertoire. Ideal for publishers and CMOs
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100 manual snapshots / month
Visualize what is over/under-claimed
Worldwide overview
Buy more snapshots packages
Create snapshots batch
Monthly catalog import
400 bulk snapshots / month
Key Results Dashboard
Export PDF results
Refresh all snapshots
Upgrade to an Admin plan

Unlock more features

Sign a YouTube administration deal with us and get more exclusive features on Track'n'Claim. 
Mechanical collection
We claim and collect your YouTube Mechanical rights in US & Canada
Conflicts resolution
We manage conflicting ownerships with third-parties in the US & Canada
Data enrichment
We enrich your repertoire with ISRC and ISWC to optimize royalty collection
Admin plan
Our most popular plan for publishers
Everything in our PRO+ and ...
Third-parties data
Royalty shares data
Monthly statements
Monthly payments
Detailed Conflicts Dashboard
Dedicated Rights Manager to support you
Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about Track'n'Claim
Why Track'n'Claim?
We have conceived Track'n'Claim with two goals in mind:

- Increase transparency on your claims on Youtube and give you the information you need to capture unrealized revenues

- Display information in one place and in a visual manner

Track'n'Claim is a powerful tool that increases transparency and gives clarity on where you are most probably missing revenues and the reason behind it. Therefore, you can analyze your YouTube Videos on a worldwide scale so that you can be informed if it can monetized, which problems are affecting it and how to solve them.
What can you search on Track'n'Claim?
You can search for either videos or assets, using several identifiers, like the Youtube Asset ID, to sound recordings (ISRC) or composition identifiers (ISWC) etc. The snapshot will allow you to have a complete set of information on different type of assets.

The results will provide clarity on whether:
- Your ownership is cleared
- There is an ownership conflict on a certain territory
- The metadata is complete
What type of Rights can I audit?
Mechanical rights: The rights to make a physical (or digital) copy of a song. Collected by a Mechanical Licensing Collective Service.

Performance rights: The right to publicly broadcast a song. Retrieved through a compulsory Public Performance License paid by the broadcaster and collected by a PRO (Performance Rights Organisation).

Synchronization rights: The rights to use the song in audiovisual media such as a feature film, documentary or advertisement. There are no collective agencies associated with sync rights, instead the entity that wants to use the work need to contact and negotiate directly with the creator or an assigned publisher.

Note: In the American territories, Mechanical rights are integrated in the Synchronization rights. This will be reflected in the results shown on Track'n'Claim.  
What is Track'n'Claim Free?
Track'n'Claim Free provides you with 2 free credits, to create 2 snapshots and gain insights on the status of your rights on YouTube. This is the perfect way to test out Track'n'Claim before subscribing for a further and deeper analysis of one's content on YouTube.
The Free plan also allows you to buy additional bundle credits.
I am an artist, indie label or small publisher. Can I use TnC?
You are an artist, a manager, a label record, a publisher or a lawyer and you want to make sure your music rights are properly managed? Track'n'Claim will provide you with answers on what is being claimed and where, with transparency
How does it work?
Track'n'Claim allows you to create a snapshot (i.e. the status of your claims, per country and per type of rights, at a given point of time) of a given asset or YouTube music video, to disclose an overview of related claims on a worldwide level. A snapshot is an overview of the status of your claims, per country and per type of rights, at a given point of time.
How can you search on Track'n'Claim?
You can research directly for your videos or assets on Track'n'Claim by going to the “Add Content” Menu and choosing between:
- New Youtube Video: where you will be able to research a Youtube Video as if it was the case on Youtube, allowing you to create a snapshot on one of the results.
- New Asset: where it is possible to look for an asset with either YouTube Asset ID or asset identifier such as: ISWC, ISRC, UPC, GRID. 

Within this page, It’s also possible to select the type of asset that we are looking for, by either choosing All, or select one or more asset types among: Sound Recording, Composition, Art Track Video, Music Video.
What is a YouTube Asset?
By definition, an asset is a collection of info about a piece of intellectual property. Copyright owners create assets in YouTube’s Studio Content Manager so they can manage their copyrighted content on YouTube.

For example, a music video is one type of assets, and comprises other assets such us the sound recording and music composition embedded within (cf. next section for more info).

Assets are not YouTube videos. Assets get linked to YouTube videos when they're claimed. Videos uploaded by copyright owners can be claimed or other users’ videos can be claimed when they include content that matches the copyright owner's asset.

An asset is made up of:Reference fileThe actual copyrighted content, such as a music video.MetadataInfo about the copyrighted content, such as its title.Ownership infoInfo on where you own the rights to the content and how much of the content you own.PoliciesInstructions that tell YouTube what to do when matches of your content are found.
What are mechanical royalties on YouTube?
A mechanical royalty is paid for the interactive stream of a song. Monetized YouTube videos generate performance and mechanical royalties. In the US, the term for this kind of royalties is micro-sync royalties.

Mechanical royalties are generally handled by Mechanical Rights Organizations (MROs) like The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) in the U.S. — or by Collective Management Organizations elsewhere.

With our Unlimited plan, we collect directly from YouTube, therefore provide quicker payments, and we take care of resolving ownership conflicts with counterparties.
What mechanical collection on YouTube means?
Our team will make sure we maximize your mechanical rights on YouTube. This is what we do :

Catalog deliveries : Upon reception of your catalog, we make sure the metadata are complete and in the correct format and we take care of ingesting it into YouTube’s Content Management System. 

Data enrichment : we enrich your data by adding missing ISRC or ISWC.

Conflict management: Some of your works might be in conflict due to several rights holders incorrectly claiming the same shares of the work

Claim optimization : Audit on the catalog’s top works, manage overclaims/underclaims, performdo manual claims…
About us
We are a team of music and tech professionals with a deep knowledge of music rights collection, and a great understanding of YouTube technology. We know that data and rights management can be complex at times, and our expertise is here to serve you.
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